Katrina Klett

Katrina Klett is a lifelong beekeeper and pollinator advocate. She grew up in a migratory beekeeping family in the United States and is passionate about the livelihoods of beekeepers around the world. Katrina has worked globally to produce honey commercially and use honeybees in rural development. In addition to her role as CEO of Elevated Honey Co., she is conducting graduate research in Asian honeybee communication at the Chinese Academy of Science.

Li Qing

Li Qing is a pioneering female beekeeper originally from Inner Mongolia. She has been living and working bees in Yunnan Province since 2012. Her formal background is in business and she manages logistics at Elevated Honey Co. Her passion is in queen breeding and she has spent extensive time abroad learning the most recent breeding techniques.

He Guoqing

He Guoqing is a local Tibetan beekeeper from Yunnan Province. He manages company trainings, farmer recruitment, and quality assurance. He strives for perfection in honey production and processing by working closely with farmers throughout the entire production season and helping to implement Elevated Honey Co.’s rigorous quality standards at the ground level.